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Training for New Managers
Training for New Managers is a core management development course that will give your new or potential Managers an essential appreciation of the role of the Manager. They will gain clarity of focus, essential core skills and the confidence to be more effective in their role.

Training for New Managers is suitable for both potential Managers and for those who are relatively new in their Role.

The new managers will learn how to manage their reports, how to manage their workload, how to build effective relationships, how to manage upward and how to maintain positive customer relationships.
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In this highly interactive management development course, they will gain practical tools and templates to help them achieve success in all aspects of the management role, and to achieve their personal targets.

Training for New Managers will be fully customised for your situation and your group. Our experienced Management Trainer will work with you to ensure that the course is designed to be totally relevant and to achieve your specific training goals.
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Course content - Training for New Managers
The Role of the Manager
The Role and functions of the Manager
The importance of the Manager to the organisation
The influence of the Manager on the Team and on others
Managing internal & external Customer relationships
The focus of the effective Manager
Managing polarities to ensure results
Personal Management - managing time & effort ; planning & prioritising to achieve success
Effective decision making
Planning to continuously improve

The Style of the Effective Manager
Effective vs ineffective management
Identifying the ideal type vs the Authority Manager, the Country Club or No Management (Management Grid)
The Effective Manager vision forward, goals, outcomes and learning from experience
The 4 Key Focus Areas of the Effective Manager

Interpersonal Relationship Skills
Core communication skills
Planning communications to communicate effectively
Building positive working relationships with colleagues, clients etc.
Understanding individual differences the 4 Social Styles
Influencing & persuading others
Managing upward
Managing client relationships effectivley

Managing the Team
How to plan & organise workload
How to set Team Goals & effective reporting systems
How to motivate the Team and Team Members
How to build and develop a Team
How to identify and build a high performing Team Culture within the Team
How to use Team meetings or Team huddles effectively

Managing Reports
Building and positioning an effective relationship with each Team Member
How to manage performance and develop the Team member
Holding regular one-to-ones to improve performance
Leadership Styles Directive, Coaching, Mentoring, Delegating Style
When and how to delegate
Motivational behaviours and tools to engage and motivate each Team member

Influencing the Group
Leadership Presence - looking and behaving like the Leader
How to make effective presentations
How to run Effective Meetings
How to manage a cross functional or project Team

Managing all aspects of the Role
Basic Principles of Time Management
How to prioritise - the urgent vs. important; prioritising time & effort to achieve the right result
Building effective Personal Management Systems and habits
Weekly Personal Planning Meeting; reviewing accountabilities, setting goals & plans to achieve those goals
Daily To do list
Planning to improve setting improvement goals each week / month
Management Training Courses:
1. Effective Leadership - Core Leadership Development Course - 3 Days

2. Supervisor Training - 2 Days

3. Teambuilding for Leaders - 1 Day

4. Presentation Skills Training - 1 Day

5. Communication Skills Training - 1 Day

6. Time Management and Personal Effectiveness - 1 Day

Also - Leadership and Management Coaching - One-to-one Coaching Sessions

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