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Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service Excellence is a fully customised customer service skills training course that will improve your Team's ability to deliver excellent customer care to every customer every time.

Customer Service Excellence is suitable for any group interacting at any level with customers, either directly or on the telephone.

Each course is designed especially for that group. It is designed to meet your specific training requirements, is set within the context your customer service situations, and is pitched at the right level for your group.
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This customer service skills training course is highly practical, with real tips, techniques and best practice. The group will workshop and role-play, using their real situations, to improve their focus, customer service core skills and the best approach for their specific situations.

The Trainer is a Customer Service Specialist, and has extensive experience designing and delivering highly successful Customer Service Excellence courses in a wide range of situations. She comes with exceptional references.
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Course Outline - Customer Service Excellence:
Programme Duration: 1 Day
Optimum Group Size: 10 12
The Importance of our Role to our Customers and to our Business success; Every contact counts!
Managing and exceeding Customer expectations the definition of Customer Service Excellence
Understanding our Customers seeing the world from their shoes; Positive Customer focus
The importance of continuously building good Customer Service skills
Beginning a call, creating a positive first impression; Good greeting & voice tone
Active Listening - hearing the Customer & good listening responses
The power of using the Customer's name
Questions - good ways of asking questions vs bad questions
Positive Language - Positive language vs negative, hesitant or aggressive
The ideal Customer Service Language Style - positive, assertive language style
The Structure of a Customer Service Call - The stages of the call; Timing the call effectivley through the different stages
Our Typical calls - they work through the structure, improving each section of the call
Offering Solutions to our FAQs Workshop - they work together to produce well phrased solutions to their typical FAQs
Role-play our Real Calls - they role-play some of their calls to improve approach and timing
Handling problem Customers or challenging situations - they learn the right approach, what to say and how to say it
How to avoid irate Callers - effective techniques for controlling the beginning of the call
The importance of follow-up for the Customer
Building a Positive Customer Service Team Culture How to build a positive, Customer focussed attitude in the Team; How to build skills and continuously improve
If you would like to discuss your specific training needs, please call - 01 8431330.
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